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Dr. Joseph V.R. Paiva, is principal and CEO at GeoLearn, LLC which is an online provider of professional and technical education since February 2014. He continues to serve as a consultant in the field of geomatics and general business, particularly to lawyers, surveyors and engineers, and international developers, manufacturers and distributors of instrumentation and other geomatics tools.

One of Dr.Paiva's previous roles was COO at Gatewing NV, a Belgian manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for surveying and mapping during 2010-2011. He also is a writer in many magazines and journals and has been on the "seminar circuit," delivering continuing education to geospatial professionals, as well as technician and exam preparation courses.

Dr. Paiva was previously managing director of Spatial Data Research, Inc., a GIS data collection, compilation and software development company; senior scientist and technical advisor for Land Survey research & development, VP of the Land Survey group, and director of business development for the Engineering and Construction Division of Trimble; vice president and a founder of Sokkia Technology, Inc., guiding development of GPS and software-based products for surveying, mapping, measurement and positioning. Other positions include senior technical management positions in The Lietz Co. and Sokkia Co. Ltd., assistant professor of civil engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and partner in a surveying/civil engineering consulting firm. He has continued his interest in teaching by serving as an adjunct instructor of online credit and non-credit courses at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

His key contributions in the development field are: design of software flow for the SDR2, SDR20 series and SDR33 Electronic Field Books and software interface for the Trimble TTS500 total station. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor, was an NSPS representative to ABET serving as a program evaluator, where he previously served as team chair and commissioner, and has more than 30 years experience working in civil engineering, surveying and mapping. He writes for POB and The Empire State Surveyor magazines, occasionally contributes to other publications, and has been a past contributor of columns to Civil Engineering News.