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About Hazmat Authority

Hazmat Authority is the latest online learning site developed by Self Learning Solutions, a company with over 15 years of experience in this market. Hazmat Authority is launching courses in DOT Hazmat; however, we plan to expand into other areas, including EPA and OSHA.

We are proud to have obtained IACET accreditation for our organization and the necessary approvals to market our products throughout the US. This means our customers can have confidence that state boards will approve our courses. It also means our authors can have confidence that their courses will sell successfully on HazmatAuthority.com.

Self Learning Solutions LLC is a leading online education provider in engineering, insurance, and health care in Puerto Rico. We are pleased to be one of the first companies to bring continuing education courses in Spanish to the US market.

Our Mission

The mission of Self Learning Solutions LLC and Hazmat Authority is to provide high-quality training designed to prepare a diverse learning population to meet the needs of employers in technology, manufacturing, and business. The career-oriented training programs contain complementary and integrated subject matter in an online format to stimulate learners' intellectual growth, contribute to their personal development, and enhance their potential for career advancement.


Our Staff Members

Our executive team has experience in DOT, EPA, OSHA, education, business, and engineering. They have licensed engineers with MBAs and PhDs. They are a knowledgeable and well-rounded team that provides the best products and systems in the online continuing education market.

Diversity & Inclusion

At SLSTECH, embracing diversity and inclusion enhances creativity and drives innovation. We strive and focus on communication between our employees and clients. In this effort, patience and concentration make way for sensibility towards other people and evolves into better relations and growth.

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